Concrete/masonry projects come in many shapes and objectives.  Repair, replacement, new construction.  Bedrock Construction does it all.

Here you will find a stoop and sidewalk project which shows a poorly constructed existing stoop that resulted in the failure of the home walls.  This project highlights the amount of work required to remove the existing cement, discover real problems the poor design caused, and repair the home permanently creating a modern clean look with code correct design and execution.

Another project shows the repair of an epoxy based coating that was used in an exterior application that was failing.  Epoxy is not tolerant of UV and will fail if subject to sunlight.  In this case the entire coating was chipped away, the existing concrete cleaned and prepped, and a long lasting masonry coating applied.  The coating was than sealed with acrylic to help in resisting stains and wear.  These coatings come in many colors.  They can be applied as a spray, with a roller/brush, and can even be applied with many colors to create designs or images.

Another project shows a concrete patio.  A straight forward 2 step pour.  Using scallops, accents were created and set below frost level.  The next day the main pour was done creating a nice area with a little elegance without breaking the budget.      

Another example is a monolithic poured slab for a garage.  The monolithic slab combines the foundation and slab into a single pour.  The foundation acts as the footer.  This method of creating a slab is appropriate in many situations where a spread footer is not required.