Electric and Plumbing

Commercial and residential electric and plumbing repairs, replacement, upgrade and new installs Bedrock Construction LLC can handle it all.

Here you will find examples of water treatment plumbing, large volume agriculture water controls, residential barrierless shower, excavation and installation of septic drains, woodstove hydronic heating, high voltage environmental and lighting controls and installation of lighting fixtures.

Water treatment systems help remove properties of your water to improve its taste and negative impact on your plumbing, appliances and clothing.

Residential barrierless showers provide unobstructed passage into your shower.  It can be used by everyone including those with ADA requirements. 

Electrical solutions shown here are for automated agricultural systems which control everything from heat, air flow, sun light and shade, pumps and movement of products throughout the facility. 

We also install Christmas Lights, signs, and perform other aerial work using our bucket truck with a material handler.   Our material handler can lift 750lbs 45’.