Recent projects include finishing basements, remodeling, bathrooms, tile and hardwood flooring, and commercial build outs.

Finishing basements include designing the layout, ensuring there is appropriate egress, water proofing, installation of sump pumps, framing and insulation, windows and doors, electric, plumbing and HVAC, drywall and painting, flooring and trim.  Bedrock Construction LLC will work with our client throughout the entire project to provide design and material ideas or can build whatever is desired.

Finishing a basement that has water problems is one of the biggest challenges to do right.  Shortcuts may provide short term use of the basement, but may introduce mold, rot and even insect damage behind the walls that can cause unhealthy conditions and or failure of the finished surfaces. 

We highly recommend that a homeowner invests in exterior water proofing rather than managing water from the inside if the basement is to be finished.  Interior water management may be appropriate for your project if the intent is to leave the foundation walls exposed.  Using a dehumidifier will help to reduce moisture as well.

Bathroom and kitchen projects entail the installation of cabinetry, countertops, tile, flooring, electrical and plumbing.  Whether it is a new installation, or a remodel, we can utilize the existing rough in or move it to accommodate the floor plan or change in geometry of the area.  Bedrock Construction LLC is capable of constructing your bathroom and kitchen exactly the way and in the place you desire it. 

Our recent commercial build outs included show rooms, office space and restaurants.  These projects required us to engage in all aspects of the build process.  Our team consists of experts that have built many of the stores you shop in every day at the mall.   Bedrock Construction LLC is capable of any build out you require.